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CTW.inc runs Japan’s No. 1 IP browser games service. We’re happy you’re here. 

About Us

CTW.inc has a unique team-building philosophy that separates us from our Japanese competitors. We’ve made a commitment to diversity. In Japan, companies start out as majority Japanese and work for years to employ and integrate international staff. We made the choice to grow as diverse as possible as quickly as possible.

Our G123 Service

Japan's No. 1 IP browser game platform, serving over one-hundred markets

Instant Play

When players open the URL, they can try any game within seconds.

From Japan

Our games catalog features world-renowned anime sensations.

Global reach

We have 10 million unique users in over 100 markets all over the world.

Growing Fast

We have big plans for our G123 platform. BIG plans.

Why Choose Us


Half our team is from outside of Japan.


We're No. 1 in Japan.
We'll be No. 1 globally.


We're one crew, working together.


If it's complicated, it's gone. Simple.

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