We make games.
We’re growing fast.

CTW develops and publishes free-to-play browser games based on popular Japanese anime. We have 14 games, with a lot more on the way. We need innovative, diverse individuals who can plug and play in our fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

Our success is yours.

In 2012, CTW’s capital was 1 million yen. 2 years later, we were at 100 million. For the last 3 years, our annual revenue growth rate has been 600%.

The average person in Japan works 11 years before they can afford a house.

At CTW, we get you there in 5.

CTW is your chance for accelerated career growth.

We have about 250 people now. We will have 2000 full-time staff by 2024.

Promotion at CTW is as fast as you are talented. If you show us you’re ready, we will reward you with the kind of growth you won’t see at a large video game company. This is your opportunity to accelerate your career and get your 5-year plan done in 1.

New markets are constantly being added. We need you to lead the way.

See a need? Be the change that drives success.

Who we’re looking for:

Our targets and demands are fluid and dynamic. We need agile individuals who can…

Take on evolving opportunities and challenges with urgency, energy, and enthusiasm
Abandon what ISN’T WORKING at the drop of a hat
Find what DOES AND WILL work and influence others to do that instead
Identify and seize new opportunities
Break down objectives into appropriate initiatives and actions
Comfortably manage ambiguity
Address difficult issues, say what needs to be said, and provide actionable feedback
Try, fail, try again, fail a little better, and build games that INSPIRE


✔ Free breakfast

✔ Company insurance covers health, annuity, employment, work accidents

✔ Performance & longevity bonuses

✔ Free lunch

✔ Housing allowance for staff living within two stops of the office

✔ Salary renegotiated every 6 months

✔ Free drinks, snacks, fruit

✔ Paid holidays, public holidays, Golden Week, summer break, New Year

✔ No mandated overtime

The ideal talents.

1. You are capable of individual, independent decision-making, emphasizing a team-collaborative output.

2. All your interactions show people that you are frank and transparent.

3. You do everything you can to consistently achieve results.

4. You embody our ideals:


Your ambition is resilient against setbacks, failures, ambiguity – it makes you GROW


You take ownership of your task and dedicate yourself to it completely


Nature is pleased with simplicity and so are we – let’s keep it simple