Path to CTW

Read about our Amazing Team

At, we’re very proud of our people.

As the team grows, we tell their stories and show off what they’re working on. You can read their full interviews in our “Path to CTW” blog!

Meet our Chief Data Officer

Liao Wei

He and his team have transformed CTW into the data-driven market leader we are today

Other Path to CTW Interviews

Cao Zhe

Vice President of Engineering

His story is the history of Tokyo’s biggest middleware engineering steps! He built one of Tokyo’s first Site Reliability Engineering teams and worked for some of the biggest names in the business.

Tyler Chilton

Customer Support Specialist

Tyler is a real people person: humble, considerate, intelligent, and a great listener. CTW is his first job in video games but he’s taken to it like a fish to water.

Li Ming

Front-end Wizard

Li Ming is a real-life wizard! We spend some time with one of our front-end developers as he decodes the amazing work ‘s tech team does every day.

Kim JeeHyun

Global Game Operations Team Leader

She built a loyal Korean userbase in just 3 months! In her own words, “I want us to […] build a business that will inspire others as I’ve been inspired by games.”

Raymond Wang

Full Stack Data Engineer

He’s seen it all, helping innovate and build CTW into a market leader. Raymond talks about building our data warehouse, our first data prediction model, and what specific skills people need to succeed here.

Gannon Tayrien

Global Customer Support Specialist

When you’re dealing with customers in trouble, you want someone like Gannon on the front lines. We talk about the ups and downs of Customer Support and his experiences in Japan and CTW.

Yu (York) Zheren

Staff Data Engineer

Our Staff Data Engineer Yu (York) Zheren is a pioneer! He was among the “first class” to begin working in AI and machine learning in the Internet and tech industries in Japan.

Chin Tzulin

Chief AI Officer

Our Chief AI Officer, Chin-san, has big plans, not just for the team and the company, but the entire video games industry. He lives our slogan, Change The World, his own way.

Yu Bo

Infrastructure Engineer

We call him “Bobo” and he is amazing. Our multi-talented infrastructure engineer has worked on car design, satellite design, and origami engineering (it’s not just paper folding!).