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Our G123 IP game platform currently has 14 games available with many more coming soon!

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Vivid Army

Queen’s Blade Limit Break

Armada Girls

WIXOSS Multiverse

Goblin Slayer: Endless Hunting

Hyakka Ryoran: Passion World

My Isekai Life: Strongest Sage Online

Peach Boy Riverside Battle Saga

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Another Tale

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time

Girls & Creatures

Dropkick on my Devil! Neba-Neba Wars

King of Life

The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me? Ensemble Life

Catalog Details

Vivid Army

Combine and conquer

Swipe to combine your units into stronger ones. Your soldiers’ appearances will change, and their weapons will become more advanced. Choose strength in numbers, or focus on a few powerful units. Buildings can be combined, too.

Easy to learn, fun to master

Simple gesture-based gameplay gives way to surprising complexity. Unlock new units and buildings as you advance. Create an army of land, sea, and air units, and take down ever more challenging opponents.

Explore a vivid world

Expand your territory and access new regions in a world full of color. Unlock beautiful female commanders, each with her own unique look and style.

Queen's Blade Limit Break

Beloved characters return

Grow your roster with familiar characters from the Queen’s Blade series and find fresh new faces to love. Strengthen your bonds with your Warriors to strengthen them further. Find more and more to love with each update with new cosmetics and unlockable bonus illustrations.

Idle gameplay and competitive features

Earn rewards even when offline and take on multiple challenges at once with idle battles and rewards. Work together with allies in guilds to take down even the strongest enemies. Stake your claim on the leaderboards with player-vs-player combat.

Loads of events and challenges

Spin the roulette, fly through the skies and enjoy character challenges from which you can earn event rewards for leveling up. Other mini-games and arenas provide endless opportunities for growth.

Goblin Slayer: Endless Hunting

Slay countless enemies

Hunt Goblins and other monsters to extinction as the Goblin Slayer and his fellow adventurers. Get revenge for your family by spilling the blood of any goblin, demon, or other monster that stand in your way.

Awaken new skills and powers

Achieve mastery over your weapons with new skills and abilities for your team of adventurers. Wield abilities, spells, and miracles on your adventures against the hordes of goblins on your path to victory.

Obtain equipment and loot

Collect shards from the various stages and dungeons to craft loot and artifacts that will improve your character’s stats and aid your quest. Upgrade your equipment in the forge by enhancing, enchanting, and augmenting it.

Armada Girls

Action puzzle game in space

Swap blocks vertically or horizontally. Match colors to unleash your attacks. Perform massive combos by matching as many blocks as possible and grow your roster of Armada Girls.

Command powerful, beautiful characters

You command the fleet. Your space-faring armada — part warship, part beautiful girl — fights for you. Up to five types of vessels make up your devastating formations. The Armada Girls keep you company on your adventures. Together, you will become an unstoppable force in the universe.

The stronger the bonds, the greater their power

Choose your favorite Armada Girl to serve as your flag lieutenant. She will handle your affairs and your bond with her will grow daily. Victory in battle gets you special items to gift your ships, growing your friendship, and unlocking new voice lines and stories.

WIXOSS Multiverse

Trading card game characters come alive

Team up with more than 60 characters from the popular anime and trading card game, WIXOSS. Compete in 5v5 combat, taking on enemies and bosses, as well as other players. Gather strong allies, use skills together to create powerful combos, and aim for the top.

Explore a virtual world

Advance through the virtual space, WIXOSS Land, unlocking a multitude of new features as you progress. Watch the environment change with each new area reached, and explore cyberpunk-style futuristic cityscapes.

Unlock beautiful artwork as you grow

Featuring hundreds of pieces of artwork—more than any other game in G123 history. New illustrations are unlocked for each character as they grow stronger, and limited edition skins are added regularly. Discover artwork from the trading card game as well as exclusive new designs.

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Another Tale

Large-scale fantasy battles

Characters from the light novel and anime series appear alongside all-new characters. Battle with teams of up to 10 characters. Upgrade your allies and customize their skills to discover new ways to outwit your opponents.

A wide variety of game modes

Advance through the main quest, climb the Tower, or explore a dangerous forest. Join up with an alliance and compete with other players. Fight in the Arena, defend your precious mineral deposits, and become the number one player on your server and beyond.

Tons of characters to customize

Unlock rarer and more powerful characters as you progress. Each character has a unique design and abilities. Combine your main party with support characters, and equip mounts, weapons, wings, and artifacts, each with their own special bonuses and skills.

Hyakka Ryoran: Passion World

Battle with beautiful samurai girls

Join forces with Japan’s legendary samurai, reborn as beautiful young women. Progress to unlock rarer, stronger samurai in a variety of gorgeous outfits. Equip legendary katana and take down enemies.

Tons of features and mini-games

Enter the world of Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. Battle through the main story or explore the city. Raise pets, fight bosses, visit a maid cafe, or travel through a labyrinth of fog to reach the goal.

Strengthen your bonds

Give gifts to your samurai, and they will grow close to you. Interact with the girls by touching or kissing them. The stronger your bonds, the more powerful your team will become.

My Isekai Life: Strongest Sage Online

Story-driven gameplay

Follow the tale of Yuji as he embarks on a quest to become the strongest sage and return home. Meet characters from the novel series as well as a few new ones exclusive to the game. There’s an interesting character around every corner.

Master monster tamer

Collect a variety of monsters to aid you in your quest. Monsters range from lowly Slimes to powerful wolves, and stronger. Proper utilization of your allies will be the key to your victory against ever-stronger foes.

Your Isekai Life now

Choose from one of three classes at the beginning of the game. Keep faithful to the book and wield magic or carve your own story by following the path to mastering the bow or studying the blade. The story is yours to tell.

Peach Boy Riverside Battle Saga

Humans, ogres and demi-humans join forces

Recruit units from three camps, each with their own specialties. Swipe to combine them into stronger units. Upgrade your buildings and unlock new ones. Expand your territory and discover new areas.

Anime favorites appear as playable characters

Play as colorful, animated characters from the Peach Boy Riverside series. Upgrade them to unlock signature skills and listen to voice lines that are voiced by the same voice actors from the anime.

Build and defend your own base

Players can build their own city, or venture into the overworld to battle other players in PvP battles. Join a guild to combine forces with other players and defeat special enemies.

Girls & Creatures

Choose your side

In a fantasy world with both pop and dark aspects, your first chosen character determines which side you serve. Experience different worlds fighting for either Good or Evil. Level up and gather more characters to fight alongside you.

Capture magical beasts

Your personal beasts will aid you in battle. Collect pets ranging from D to S tier. These beings will enhance the skills of your characters, and if you add them to your party, they will accompany you wherever you go.

Refine your skills

With a variety of battle modes, there are many ways to level up. Enjoy cooperative play with an alliance. Develop your character’s abilities through evolution. Remember to upgrade your equipment to further enhance your power.

Dropkick on my Devil! Neba-Neba Wars

Enter a cute comedy

Assemble a team of adorable and sarcastic characters from the comedic manga, Drop Kick on my Devil! Recruit the forces of good and evil. Fight monsters and demons in the streets of Tokyo’s Akihabara, reimagined in a bubbly art style.

Idle rewards galore

Collect idle earnings and level up quickly. Fight alongside your funny team of characters or let them keep the streets of Akihabara safe all on their own. Unlock even more features as you grow stronger with minimal effort and experience more Dropkick Wars.

Unlock them all

Deepen your bonds with your teammates. Unlock more illustrations. Join guilds and discover more missions to go on. All this increases your team’s power and opens up more of Akihabara to explore and more features to enjoy.

The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me? Ensemble Life

Forge your own path

Choose your hero and reincarnate into a fantasy universe full of magic. Ally yourself with tons of characters from the original light novel as you progress. Fight in the arena, challenge yourself with endless trials, complete quests, and advance through unlimited boss battles.

Monsters, magic, and mastery

Fight hordes of massive monsters and dragons. Fell them with impressive displays of magic and might. Level up quickly as you learn from the best mages in the realm. Become a renowned adventurer in no time.

Peel back the layers

Unlock more of the world the more powerful you become. Face stronger undead monsters. Encounter new bosses. Meet new allies and teachers. Equip yourself with the best gear to unlock even more power. Discover monsters and collect exciting items daily.

King of Life

Expand your empire

Though you may start off as a lowly fiefdom, you can spread your influence to unite all that lies under heaven. Follow a rich story as you amass power to progress. Command your soldiers across the land and eradicate the chaos and turmoil around you.

Secure your legacy

Use your charm and chivalry to court the favor of a bevy of suitors. From their love and care, you can begin sowing the seeds of a long and expansive dynasty. Educate and spoil your children, and you will set the groundwork for greater power solely under your family’s control.

The legend is yours to write

There are a variety of features and events to improve your skills and the skills of your retainers. Make decisions that can change the course of your path. Fight alongside legendary figures from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms to become the ultimate king.

Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time: Defender of Virtue

Become the world’s strongest man
Step into the shoes of Peter Grill and gain the title of strongest man in the world. Fend off all the women who try to get between Peter and Princess Luvelia’s marriage and build a 6-member party with familiar faces from the anime.

Explore a fantasy world at your own pace
Adventure through a fantasy world filled with different environments, creatures and women. Play at your own pace and earn rewards even when you’re not playing. Team up with guildmates to defeat strong bosses and fight your way to the top of the rankings in PvP combat.

Get close with party members
Accept the girls’ feelings to bond with them and grow closer. Their alluring voice lines, outfits and poses will appeal to many players. Those who proceed to the endgame will experience the fabled Philosopher’s Time.