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Meet some of the global game ops team at

At, we’re very proud of our people. As the team grows, we tell their stories and show off what they’re working on. If you’re curious about who makes up, read their interviews in our “Path to CTW” blog and discover more about our hopes and goals as we take from Japan to the rest of the world! 

Here are just a few of our fantastic team members: 

Jee Hyun

She is our multi-talented Korea specialist. Every day, JeeHyun looks for ways to bring more of our games to the Korean market. She knows it’s not enough to just translate content for new markets. The cocktail of marketing, UX, and customer support needs just the right mix to drive business growth.


Our man from Yorkshire, Lee leads one of the English-localization teams. He knows the value of listening to his people, always offering a patient ear and letting others speak first. A global game ops division veteran, he’s brought a tremendous contribution to the success of our games overseas.


Multilingual, focused, ambitious, Ellen is in charge of another of our English-localization teams. She’s taken multiple titles to market from scratch and been responsible for bringing some of our biggest hits from Japan to the rest of the world. Usually one of the early birds, she is a reliable, calming presence in the office.


Matheus brings our games to Portuguese-speaking markets. Coming to Japan from the other side of the world — Brazil — he can shake things up whether localizing a project or livening up one of our many office parties. Steady and reliable, he keeps a level head when things get heated.


Kelsey knows people. This is why she’s an invaluable member of the customer support division. Her quirkiness and charm win people over, and it shows in her work. She never fails to put our players at ease when they come to her with a problem or question. Always courteous, always patient, always surrounded by people at lunchtime.

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