Privacy policy

Handling of personal information (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) handles personal information obtained on this website as follows, and in compliance with the personal information protection policy described below.

1 Scope of application of this personal information protection policy

1.1 “Personal information” in this personal information protection policy refers to information about a living individual, including their name, date of birth and other descriptions contained in the information that can identify that specific individual (including any data that can be easily compared with other information to identify a specific individual).

1.2 This personal information protection policy applies to personal information acquired by the company using any of the following methods, listed 1.2.1 to 1.2.3.

1.2.1 Receiving electronic data entered from this website/operating site.

1.2.2 Receiving emails sent using the procedures displayed on this website/operating site.

1.2.3 Displayed on this website/operating site such as documents delivered, sent or received (regardless of whether they are physical documents or electronic data), emails, or calls.

2 Scope and means of acquiring personal information

We acquire personal information within the scope and means necessary for the purpose of use stipulated in “3 Purpose of use of personal information.”

3 Purpose of use of personal information

The company may use the personal information obtained for any of the following purposes. However, at the time that personal information is acquired, if the company specifically limits the purpose of use by displaying a disclaimer on this website or via other means, the personal information will be used only for that limited purpose.

3.1 Provision or guidance of our services. Information on our services and products. Information on events planned by our company and acceptance of applications. Response to inquiries regarding our services. Response to requests for interviews or meetings. In addition, providing information within the scope of this item, requesting the provision of information, or responding to inquiries.

3.2 Recruitment of employees. Provision of information on the recruitment of employees, acceptance of applications or inquiries. Continuous communication with applicants or prospective candidates and the provision of information about our company. Personnel management and training after the hiring decision has been made. Other purposes incidental to employee recruitment activities.

4 Management of personal information

The company takes appropriate security measures to prevent leaks, loss, or damage of personal information (deletion of personal information in a standard form does not constitute loss). In addition, in order to ensure the safe management of personal information, we conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of our employees. When outsourcing all or part of the handling of personal information, we maintain confidentiality with the contractor, and we conclude contracts that include the retention, and necessary and appropriate supervision, of further subcontractors.

5 Provision of personal information to third parties

Regarding the personal information held by the company, the company complies with requests from the person regarding notification of the purpose of use, disclosure of personal information, correction, addition or deletion of personal information, suspension of use, erasure or replacement of personal information. If we receive a request to stop the provision of personal information to a third party, we confirm that the request is from the person or their agent and respond in accordance with the provisions of the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

6 Inquiries

Please contact the company for inquiries regarding this personal information protection policy or its handling.