Path to CTW — Liao

Path to CTW — Meet our Chief Data Officer, Liao Wei

CTW’s Chief Data Officer, Liao Wei, has transformed CTW’s mindset to be fully data-driven. 
The tools his team is building nurture CTW’s autonomy, creativity, and motivation.

Some of the things that stood out to me when I first joined were the fact that the company didn’t really do games until recently. That combined with the unique business and approach to integrate tech into every aspect of the company intrigued me.

When I joined in 2020, the marketing team didn’t have any kind of feedback loops in place, and they didn’t know how their advertising was going. The return on investment was measured by revenue only.

In the first phase, I learned about what the marketing team’s goals were. Over a few days, I explained to them what we could do with their incoming data and how we could use it to calculate likelihood of acquisition, quantify individual user acquisition cost, and accurately estimate lifetime value.

The model we then built has continued to learn over 2 years. It now visualizes, optimizes, and controls our entire marketing expenditure and covers hundreds of channels globally.

We took time to win the trust of all our stakeholders in the company, showed that we could boost revenue, and then created a feedback loop that got more and more accurate, until it was basically real-time. This changed CTW’s business model and the culture too.

That data-driven AI approach is now shifting to our games. We’re building a system that eliminates busywork, automates and scales, and allows people to use their skills and creativity to succeed.

The Tech Team has made a banner generation tool that boosts creative productivity across the team and a translation tool that will dramatically cut down localization time. They are also looking to give our game devs access to the cloud platform in real-time and make updates to our games directly.

As a developer, you’ll create purpose-built tools with a clear function and impact on the business. If you can do something, you get to decide how it’s going to work, and have the autonomy to create it yourself from scratch.

We need people who have experience taking companies global. Experience with technologies is good but we need leaders who can connect us with how customers and users think around the world.


今回紹介する最高データ責任者Liao Weiさんは、CTWをデータドリブンな組織へと変えました。











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